Meet Ivy

Ivy Smith is an experienced tennis player, who started playing at age five. During high school, Ivy played several other sports and returned to tennis several years later. She began helping others appreciate tennis when she was in elementary school by working in her father’s tennis shop. Ivy has always been motivated to help others and volunteers her time to teach tennis to young disabled children. She loves learning about the new technology in the latest rackets and strings. She strings for tournaments and can string a racquet within 10 mins.

She became the owner of the shop when her father decided to retire in 2018, even though her career in acting and stunt driving was thriving. She decided to become the owner after helping her dad close the shop, and a competitor asked for his customer database. Ivy noticed her dad became teary-eyed, so she announced she would take over the store. The competitor was surprised and did not believe she would succeed. Five years later, she opened her second shop, located in Ashburn.

Ivy’s passions are cars, repairing cars, cooking, and enjoying time with family and friends. She is a big believer in living life to the fullest as you only have one life to live. After surviving a stroke in 2010, she felt it was a wake-up call, and she realized she needed to find her niche. She found that helping players find the perfect rackets for them and maintain them is it.


Meat Sean

Sean grew up playing sports, such as basketball and track. Unfortunately, tennis was not one of them, until he met Ivy. Together they make an exemplary team. Sean has specialized in Information Technology most of his life and was able to travel around the world because of his job in the IT field. He rapidly gained interest in tennis when he and Ivy decided to take on the business together. Sean always wanted to open a business but had originally thought it would be in a different field. He started working behind the scenes and as the company continued to grow year after year, he quickly became an expert in customer service.

Sean is self-motivated and a hard worker which shows in his work. He enjoys stringing and says it is therapeutic. He loves learning about the latest technology in everything. Having an extraordinary eidetic memory, he seems to retain most or all information he reads.

Sean’s passions are spending time with family, sleeping, and awaiting the next adventure.


Meet Tracee'

Tracee’ is a high school senior who is musically talented with the violin, bass, viola, cello, guitar, and piano. She clearly is a natural with any stringed instrument! Her go to sports are playing soccer and badminton with friends. Tracee’ excelled during her training with Ivy and can string a racket in 15 minutes, and one of the youngest stringer in the East Coast. She continues to be a top employee, and always looks for new ways to improve herself and contribute. She listens, takes feedback seriously and is open-minded when presented with new ideas. Tracee’ is not afraid to ask questions and seek help when necessary.

She quickly overcame her shyness and provides amazing customer service. She enjoys stringing and also believes it is therapeutic.

Her passion is trying new cuisines and learning new things.


Meet Daniel

Daniel lives in the Woodbridge area, and originally is from Mexico. He attended Northern Virginia Community College for computer classes and has taken Ivy’s boot camp classes for the tennis shop. He now enjoys playing tennis, as well as soccer. Daniel has been employed by the company for about two years and is moving forward steadily. As one of our newest stringers, he is starting to enjoy stringing and all the different techniques.

Daniel is always delighted to meet new people and have good conversations. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, learning new things, dancing and eating good food.


Meet Kim

Kim is a high school senior, and is skilled in soccer, boxing, and badminton. During her training at the shop, she rapidly learned product facts and began stringing right away. She likes to help customers find what they need.

At home, she helps her mother and loves to spend time with family and friends. She is progressing in getting over her shyness while working and assisting customers.

Kim is another young stringer.

Tennis player picking up a ball with their racket

About Us

Tennis String Theory provides extensive expertise for all types of tennis players to help them find the best tennis gear to sharpen their game. We have a wide selection of clothing, shoes, racquets and bags for all your tennis and racquetball needs. In addition, our business has several convenient drop off and pick up locations for racquet stringing.

Above And Beyond

"Staff is very nice and will go above and beyond. This place is a diamond in a rough. Definitely worth going to."

- J.S.

Friendly And Helpful

"You have to go in the middle door, up the stairs, and take a left. The man working here is very friendly and helped us pick out some beginner rackets. He even added extra grip since I have big hands without charging me extra."

- Conrad E.

Great Shop

"The owner, who's always there, is a great guy! I went there to get my racket restrung and he took care of it in 2 hours and did a really good job. Small space on the second floor of a building but a great shop nevertheless."

- Caroline L.

Come see us and let us help you be the best tennis player you can be by suiting you up with the correct tennis racquet.

Our store, originally known as Tennis & Fitness Sports, opened in 1970. The original owner is a skilled tennis pro, has played established tennis icons, and is a well-known and respected member of the community. His passion for tennis was a definite draw for his customers, and his business grew entirely through word of mouth as his rapport and personalized touch brought in his large clientele. He continues his involvement in the business, which is now operated by his family.